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Come On In the Water!

April 9, 2018

Mom always said “You can’t swim while you’re on your period!” Mom said, and so it was for generations of girls. But was Mom right? Can you swim while experiencing “that time of the month?” If you do, are you putting yourself at risk? By examining various pools of water, we’ll test Mom’s rule step by step.


Let’s address the Great White in the room right off the bat. There are 0.0 recorded cases of sharks attacking someone who was menstruating. YES, you can swim in the ocean while “surfing the crimson wave” without increasing your already low, low risk of being bit by a shark or other toothy sea creature. And you’re not going to turn the Atlantic into the Red Sea, so take a dip!


Sometimes lake or river water doesn’t seem so “fresh.” Is it a danger to your lady parts? Will your flow disrupt the lake’s ecosystem? Skin infections and gastrointestinal ailments are the most common medical conditions associated with swimming in contaminated water. Vaginal infections are unlikely, and YES, you can swim in freshwater while menstruating without adding to the biodiversity. 

Swimming pools

Pools, especially public ones, are heavily chlorinated. Chlorine kills bacteria— bacteria that is introduced into pools via urine, sweat, saliva, fecal matter, and blood. It is possible for chlorine to irritate the vulva, so shower after swimming and avoid wearing wet bathing suits out of the water for any long duration. However, YES, you can take a dip in a swimming pool with “Aunt Flo.”

When swimming with your period tampons, absorbent swimwear, and menstrual cups are options to contain any discharge. Pads and liners do not work because they will absorb the swimming water and no blood. Many healthcare providers say that you can even swim au naturale with no tampon, etc. turning Mom’s rule from fact to fiction.

In conclusion, YES, you can swim every day of the month! (You may just want to have a dark suit for 5-6 days of the month.)


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