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Pregnancy Dreams

May 9, 2018

You’re swimming laps in a public pool (with purple water), that is also a white water rapids trail to the open ocean. Suddenly you’re hanging onto a raft for dear life, water splashing in your face as the rapids lead you to the ocean, and Jerry Seinfeld is sitting next to you in a burgundy blazer, jeans, and sneakers— without a drop of water on him. He’s there to take you to lunch at TGIFriday’s.

Sounds normal, right? Well, it might if you are experiencing pregnancy dreams. Still a medical mystery, pregnancy dreams can be more vivid, intense, and frequent than regular ones. Many women also remember their slumber fantasies better and longer when expecting. 

A woman’s entire body undergoes tremendous changes during gestation. Aside from the obvious expanding waistline, possible morning sickness, and swollen ankles, expecting mothers endure emotional changes as well. The combined joy and fear of growing a human in one’s womb can weigh heavily on the mind, even during sleep. Hormone surges (especially progesterone) can affect sleep cycles, and thus dreams.

It’s believed that the unconscious mind processes information through dreams, attempting to solve problems. Pregnancy may increase one’s stress and anxiety, intensifying dreams or even leading to nightmares. If pregnancy dreams become too bothersome, consider keeping a dream journal, discussing these dreams with friends or an online pregnancy support group, or even your doctor or therapist. If your sleep is erratic, try your best to get on a schedule and you may find the dreams decreasing in frequency or intensity.


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