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MonaLisa Touch: a novel fractional CO2 laser therapy for gynecological health.

It’s OK to talk about it.™ Now there’s something you can do about it that really works.

When estrogen levels decline after menopause, many changes occur. Millions of women experience changes in their gynecological health that interfere with their personal lives as a consequence. Many women suffer silently, and those who seek treatment find their options limited.

The MonaLisa Touch is a new treatment that uses gentle medical laser energy to deliver controlled energy to the vaginal tissues so cells produce more collagen.

Recent trial studies evaluating the MonaLisa Touch treatment on postmenopausal women and breast cancer survivors who were experiencing gynecological health issues showed positive results and a high patient satisfaction.

The in-office procedure is typically done in less than 5 minutes, requires no anesthesia, and is virtually painless. Most patients feel improvement after their very first procedure. The treatment plan usually calls for 3 procedures usually spaced over an 18-week period.

MonaLisa Touch: fast, simple and safe

It delivers both immediate and lasting relief. And it’s clinically proven to work.

  • In-office
  • Requires no anesthesia
  • Minimal side effects
  • No downtime
  • Symptom relief after just one treatment
  • Thousands of women successfully treated since 2012

“This treatment was life-changing for me. It’s a procedure you can do without feeling scared about or worry that it may cause other health side effects.” -- Lisa

“There’s no pain, no discomfort. I saw results immediately and I can’t recommend the MonaLisa Touch enough for postmenopausal women” -- Patty