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Mike is a hero in our family… He delivered my baby and saved my life by noticing a “bad” mole! As the years go by, he gets better as life gets more complicated. Thank you!

Susan Baird

Dr. Cotter, I want to personally let you know how grateful my husband and I are to you for being such an incredible physician. You and your staff have treated all of us so well, from the moment my husband and I first came into your office to discuss having a child. Now, 9 years and 3 kids later I could not be happier. Thanks to you, we have three beautiful healthy children (ages 5, 7, and 9). You and your staff were so friendly and caring to us, for which we are eternally grateful. We felt safe in your care from the moment we walked into your office. You have never hesitated to address all of our questions and concerns while keeping my mind at ease. I have incredible respect for your calm demeanor, no matter how many patients you have in your office. You seem to treat every patient with the utmost respect, while providing exceptional care in your practice. Thank you Dr. Cotter for not only the care you provided to my family and me, but to all the lucky families out there who are fortunate to have been in your care.

Ann Pomeranz, DMD (Mother of Sydney, Andie, and Ryan)

Long before I opened Cloud 9 Spa, I worked as a registered nurse, and have been for 21 years. Soon after you started your practice, I had the opportunity to work with you professionally. I had observed your interaction with a patient, and you were concerned, compassionate, and knowledgeable… I instantly decided that you were the physician I wanted caring for me. A patient-centered physician was an important trait for me in selecting a doctor, because as a nurse, I had observed that many patient/doctor relationships were centered on the physician. You however, put the patient at the center. As your patient the past 18 years, I have had the great opportunity to watch your practice grow and change. You and your staff have seen me through the heartache of miscarriages, the fear of surgeries, the joyful birth of my two beautiful daughters and now into routine well-care.

I have remained your patient for the same reasons I became your patient. You have built your growing practice to keep the patient and her needs your primary focus. As you have grown, you and your practice embody another trait which is remarkable: the ability to deliver excellent customer service. Rarely do people associate a medical practice with the customer service industry, but I do. As you know, I own Cloud 9 Spa and I understand great customer service. I have always wondered why more medical practices don’t shift their thinking. Frankly, today, finding any place that can give great customer service is rare; certainly, most people don’t expect it from a “doctor’s office”. The environment you have created (and are growing) is a welcome departure from the typical medical practice. It is not the aesthetically sterile and cold place that most medical offices are. You have found the perfect mix. It is possible to have all of the necessities of sanitation, cleanliness, process and procedure, without being cold and disconnected, and your practice proves it. Your staff is warm, friendly and efficient. I have never felt like just a last name, social security number, or insurance ID number when I check in at Gainesville OB/GYN. Every greeting is genuine, every smile and laugh is authentic.

You have done an exceptional job creating your business. I know that any philosophy starts with the leader, so I applaud what you have created. As a business owner, I know we are the ones usually appreciating people, rewarding hard work and acknowledging efforts and sacrifices. Rarely, does anyone come along to tell us, the business owner, “Good job, nice work, or thank you”. I congratulate you on being the smart man who surrounds himself with an amazingly talented staff and all of the other incredible people that comprise your team. I look forward to a long relationship with you. Thank you for what you have done for women’s health… and for creating a place that I am proud to affiliate with and refer people to! Best regards,

Vicki Canto

My first experience with Gainesville OB/GYN far exceeded my expectations. I have lived in Gainesville since 1994 and had visited another OB/GYN group since that time. Not until the doctor and then nurse practitioner I was assigned to retired did I consider making a change. As soon as I did, I wondered “what took me so long?”

The care and attention I received from booking my first appointment to the truly caring interview with my new doctor were terrific. I found a practice that cares about all of me, not just my gynecological health.

Unfortunately, the first doctor I worked with had to relocate to another city for her husband’s career and I wondered how that would go. However, I was pleasantly surprised again. The care I have received from another partner in the practice did not diminish my impression of Gainesville Ob/Gyn in any way. The transition was seamless with much focus on my comfort with the change. The “patient first” attitude of the doctors, nurses and staff at Gainesville OB/GYN makes me feel well cared for and well cared about.

Sheila Spence

I’m so glad that I am a patient of Dr. Cotter! He took the time to get to know me and take care of my medical needs, as well as address any concerns I had. Dr. Cotter is a great doctor that is professional, yet he has a refreshing sense of humor which helped put me at ease and make me feel welcome and comfortable in his office. His personal and friendly bedside manner was such a refreshing change from the norm. More doctors today should live by his example. He told me to call anytime that I had questions or concerns so I will not hesitate to do so. Additionally, every member of Dr. Cotter’s staff was also friendly and welcoming, making me love his office even more. They also made sure my needs were met, my questions were answered, and they called me promptly with my test results. When I needed a procedure done, they called my insurance company for me so that I would know exactly what my financial responsibility would be. After my procedure, Dr. Cotter’s office called to check on me to see how I was feeling. It is because of this level of personal care and attention by Dr. Cotter and his staff that I will come back to him for my annual visits, and I’ll recommend him highly to my friends and family. I could not have chosen a better doctor to deliver my children and take care of my medical needs. Thank you Dr. Cotter!

Jennifer Talton